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Cremona’s famous violin trade show expands to the United States

New York by Alex Mathers

New York by Alex Mathers

For many, Cremona, Italy, will always be the spiritual home of the violin, and for the last 25 years this fabled city has celebrated that relationship with its signature event, Mondomusica, an important violin trade show and home of a prestigious triennial instrument and bow making competition.

That focus is set to increase dramatically next year as the group that organizes Mondomusica expands for the first time to the United States in an all-new event tailored to tap into the potential of the world’s largest instrument-and-bow market. The new show, called Mondomusica New York, is scheduled for March 15–17, 2013, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. The idea is to bring “the best of international violin-making to American professional and amateur musicians. While the Cremona show is focused on the meeting of makers and dealers, the New York show will focus on the market for players.”

In recent years, the business group CremonaFiere has stepped in to organize the Italian event and has been expanding its scope with happenings all over Cremona, including last year’s new segment dedicated to pianos, Cremona Pianoforte. With no other violin event similarly as broad ranging in the United States, CremonaFiere is sensing opportunity.

The organization selected New York City, in part because of its significance as a cultural center as well as its high density of players, performers, and attendees. Perhaps even more important than having a large-scale violin event in one of the world’s richest cultural environments, the expansion of an institution dedicated to traditional violin making also indicates recognition of the quality and influence American makers are having on the global violin market.

Meanwhile, much more is happening in Cremona, too, as the new Museum of the Violin is set to open in time for the original Mondomusica in September. Housed in the extensively renovated Palazzo dell’Arte, the new museum will house relics from Stradivari’s workshop, donated by Bolognese violin maker Giuseppe Fiorini in 1930, and will relate the history of violins (along with the history of some of the famous makers), and detail how violins are built. The museum will also feature a modern 500-seat auditorium.

This year is also a competition year for Mondomusica. Held every three years since 1976, the 2012 Triennale competition will judge instruments made in or after 2009. They will be on display September 28 through October 14. For the first time, all entries accepted into the Triennale will be photographed and presented in a full-color catalog.

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*This article appeared in Strings May 2012
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