News Briefs: Nigel Kennedy Inhaled

Nigel Kennedy ‘Smoked a Little Grass’

“Bad boy” British violinist Nigel Kennedy told the German newspaper Bild: “I have smoked a little grass. I cannot do this job without the need to relax.” Kennedy was responding to allegations that he and members of a Czech orchestra were using drugs at a raided party Kennedy hosted in a Bavarian hotel suite.

Hope for the Youth

British violinist Daniel Hope joined Euro pop-rockers Bakkushan in the Straßenbahnhalle Dransdorf in Bonn, Germany, for a concert called “BaRock,” a toast to the combination of Baroque and rock genres. The tram-station concert in September was arranged by Young Beethovenfest, a student branch of Beethovenfest Bonn.

Awards & Accolades

The Takács Quartet has received the University of Colorado’s 2010 Faculty Excellence Awards for Excellence in Research, Scholarly, and Creative Work.

The Stradivarius International Violin Competition in Salt Lake City, Utah, has awarded first place to Marié Rossano of Seattle, second place to Andi Zhang of China, and third place to Stephen Kim of San Francisco. Rossano won $7,500, a Charles W. Liu violin, and a solo concert with the Utah Symphony.

South Korean violinist Dami Kim took top honors at the Premio Paganini Competition in Genoa, Italy. Though no first prize was awarded, Kim won second prize and the Mario Ruminell and Renato De Barbieri awards, the latter of which is given for the best performance of a Paganini caprice.

Fiddler Alex Hargreaves, 18, has been named the 14th recipient of the Jimmy Lyons Scholarship by the Berklee College of Music and the Monterey Jazz Festival. The scholarship will allow Hargreaves to attend Berklee tuition-free.

*This article appeared in Strings January 2011
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