Bench Marks, January 2011

News about Quanta Airlines, new D'Addario Bowed Product Manager, Ashmolean Instruments catalog, and a new online violin auction house

Qantas Airlines Accommodates Violins

Amid a flurry of horror stories about violins denied access to the overhead bins, Australia’s Qantas Airlines has increased their maximum carry-on dimensions specifically to accommodate violins and violas. The new policy mentions the instruments specifically and the more generous 51-inch, 15-pound size and weight limits should accommodate most violin and viola cases.

New London, England, Auction House Launched

Pippa Wilkins, formerly of Bonhams, launched a new musical-instrument auction at London’s Auction Atrium, which combines the expertise and viewings of a traditional auction house with online bidding. “My first sale is quite modest, but the response has been amazing,” says Wilkins, who plans to hold sales in line with the other musical-instrument sales.

D’Addario Hires New Bowed-String Specialist

Violinist Lyris Hung has joined D’Addario and Company as the bowed product manager. Hung holds a master’s degree in violin performance from the Juilliard School, and was assistant producer at a game and software design company, where she managed game projects and was a sound and music designer.

Book Report

Musical Instruments in the Ashmolean Museum, the definitive new catalog of the famous Ashmolean collection, can be ordered at a £100 pre-publication discount until December 31. The new catalog is written by leading experts: John Dilworth and Carlo Chiesa, violins and liras; Michael Fleming, violas; and Tim Baker and Derek Wilson, bows. Large-scale photos are by Tucker Densley. The book is published by Oxford Musical Instrument Publishing, LLP.

*This article appeared in Strings January 2011
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