BAM Slim Hightech Violin Case


The sail-shaped SLIM 2000XL violin case is the newest case in BAM's popular Hightech line. It shares many features and a minimalist aesthetic with the BAM Contoured Hightech. Fabric-covered injection-molded foam blocks suspend the instrument inside the multilayered ABS plastic shell. The lid opens to a 90-degree angle and closes with a waterproof tongue-in-groove valence. The latches on this case lock with re-settable combination locks—no fear of accidental opening or a jealous colleague pilfering your precious Peccatte bow! The case holds a full-sized violin and two bows with a small detachable accessories pouch. The pouch may or may not accommodate your shoulder rest, so if you're dedicated to carrying it inside this minimalist case, you should make sure it fits before purchasing. The case comes in carbon finish or, for a limited time, BAM's special spring stripes, and includes backpack straps. At four pounds, three ounces, it's slightly heavier than BAM's Contoured Hightech, but slightly less deep, meaning it may fit an overhead bin space that the other case would not. SLIM 2000XL violin case, $507 (MSRP); $454.

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*This article appeared in Strings March 2009
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