Joseph Regh’s ‘The Art of Bow Restoration’

Review of a new, high-end guide to restoring bows

As luthier and archetier Joseph Regh declares in the introduction to his latest book, The Art of Bow Restoration, the scarcity of pernambuco, the favorite wood for bows, means that “more bows will [need to] be restored rather than replaced.” With fine, antique pernambuco bows selling for amounts unthinkable just a generation ago, Regh asserts that carefully considered and artfully completed restoration and repair of bows is necessary for both optimizing performance and maintaining your investment. Regh, who previously co-authored The Art of Bow Making with Joseph Kun, writes with an economy and precision that displays his background as a physicist who helped revolutionize computing. The Art of Bow Restoration advocates scientific documentation, analysis, and precision to serve these tools destined to make art.

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*This article appeared in Strings February 2012
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