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Teach & Coach
Classroom Rut-Busters Illo
7 Ways to Break Out of That Classroom Rut

These simple exercises can help keep your teaching fresh and your students engaged

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After 15 years of private teaching, Thomsen has been focusing on channeling that energy into creating educational content. She’s working on a Violin Geek podcast, is a regular contributor to Strings magazine, and is the author of the Strings Guide: Improve Your Bowing Technique.
A Foundation Built on Positive Reinforcement

Private lessons: When students have the discipline and interest to succeed, the right tools and a positive approach can bring out their best

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Kimberly Meier-Sims has studied with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, John Kendall, and Almita Vamos. She has been teaching violin and Suzuki pedagogy at the Cleveland Institute of Music since 2004, and has led Suzuki workshops throughout the United States.
Passion, Mutual Respect & A ‘No-Fail’ Environment

The conservatory approach: Students excel when honored and given the confidence to succeed 

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A resident musician at Community  MusicWorks, where he has been teaching since 2001, Holstein plays in the Providence String Quartet, teaches violin and viola, and repairs instruments used at the school.
Setting the Classroom Standard: Curiosity, Safety & Connection

The community school model: When cultivating relationships with students, try to tap a student’s creativity

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Bass Player
6 Ways for the Non-Bassist to Teach Double Bass

What the non-bassist string teacher needs to know about equipment, instruction, & direction

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Backward Stretch example
Teaching Cello Stretch Position Can Just Be a Matter of Timing

Once a student is ready, introducing stretching concepts in the right order can be the key to progress

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Circle of Fifths
Building the Foundation of Good Technique—Minus the Boredom

4 ways to develop a fresh approach to teaching scales and arpeggios

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Dyslexia Illo
Decoding Dyslexia. This Cognitive Disorder Need Not Impede Students

String students with learning disabilities can be taught—if the teacher learns the signs

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School Orchestra
Let the Violin Family’s Middle Voice Sing in School Orchestras

5 ways to unlock the viola’s potential for your students

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Angelo Moreno, right, leads students at his high-school Baroque program in Davis, California.
3 Reasons to Start a Baroque Ensemble at Your School

Playing ancient music can optimize learning in the modern classroom

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