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Build a Career
Rachel Barton-Pine in Gallery
The Intersection of Music & Art

Chamber players and string soloists find rich performance opportunities at the nation’s landmark museums and art galleries

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Zoe Keating
Tips on Getting Your Independently Produced Music Project Heard

How I found an audience for my music by using digital distribution

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'Strings' Education Collection: Resources for the String Teacher & Students

Books, e-books, magazines, instructional guides, string charts for violin teachers & string students

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The Harlem Quartet
How to Develop Your Professional Resources

5 ways to attract the attention of a manager who can help your ensemble build a lasting career

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Tokyo Quartet
How to Create a Successful Chamber Ensemble: Tips on Selecting the Right Instruments

Tips on pursuing a perfectly balanced sound

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Dress for Success
Focus on the Recording Arts—How to Create the Ultimate Audition Video

With your spot at conservatory at stake, use these tips to make your music and musicianship shine

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Train yourself with audio and video recordings
Focus on the Recording Arts—Practice (and a Bit of Recording) Makes Perfect

Use audio and video to train yourself to hear what you actually played and not what you think you played

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