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Musilia Carbon Fiber Cello Cases

An ultralight cello case with strength and durability


Looking for an ultralight cello case with strength, durability, and the ability to accommodate a seated cellist’s posture needs? Musilia’s new carbon fiber cello cases were designed by a professional cellist from a family of cellists, and seem to have addressed all the familiar issues: weight, safety, nonstandard dimensions, ease of carrying, and even the irritating noise of rattling hardware. Starting with weight, the lightest model, MCC301, weighs just five pounds, thanks to the use of ultra-lightweight materials. The more affordable MCC201 weighs 6.3 pounds, while the hybrid carbon/fiberglass MCC101 weighs in at 7.7 pounds. The no-frills interior sports a unique suspension system that adjusts easily to fit any full- or near-full-sized instrument. A foam block at the upper end holds the cello button firmly in place with the neck suspended in air. A cross bar keeps the case rigid at the neck. The lower bouts are suspended on foam pads mounted on carbon-fiber springs, each adjustable by a two-way screw for a custom fit. The case holds two bows.

Latches, handles, and simplified strap hardware are all designed to reduce noise. A classy touch. Since so many accidents involve torn straps or the hardware used to secure them, Musilia has devised a system with a single nylon strap and simple plastic strap adjusters. Several smooth-edged strap-holder inserts are inset into the case to reduce snagging, and reinforced with layers of carbon fiber for strength. The strap can be rigged in various backpack or over-the-shoulder configurations to suit the player. It comes with high-quality shoulder pads and even a wedge-shaped back cushion that detaches to turn a regular chair into a cellist’s slanted seat. Musilia carbon-fiber cello cases: MCC101, $1,045; MCC201, $1,655; MCC301, $2,280. To locate a dealer near you, visit

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*This article appeared in Strings May 2009
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