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Once upon a time–1986, to be exact–Strings was simply a quarterly black-and-white magazine. Times have changed. Strings is still a magazine, of course, appearing every month in glorious color, with timely, practical coverage of the music, people, instruments, events, and trends that matter most.

Strings is also now a brand that is known, used, and admired by players, teachers, and students the world over, and expressed in a wide array of publications, media platforms, directories, and programs.

The depth and breadth of Strings has grown: to magazine, newsletters, books, and print music. To websites, searchable directories, and downloads. To communities, education programs, and special events.

If you play, study, teach, or conduct bowed stringed instruments ... if your business or personal passion involves bowed stringed instruments ... chances are good you often turn to Strings for information, instruction, and inspiration.

And with your support, engagement, and encouragement, Strings continues to grow and evolve, serving the needs and interests of the global string community. Thank you.

Strings Magazine

For players of violin, viola, cello, bass, and fiddle, and for string teachers and members of the trade. Strings readers make music, and they make music an integral part of their daily lives. Strings helps them do both, by covering the personalities, music, news, events, instruments, and gear that matter. Strings provides global coverage of the classical and new music played by many of its readers while exploring all musical genres where string players are active.

The unique online home for all string players, with authoritative searchable directories and guides, an outstanding collection of informative articles, helpful video and audio lessons and guides, and convenient online shopping.

Strings Trade

The only e-newsletter exclusively about the violin business, with news from makers, dealers, manufacturers, distributors, publishers, insurers, and auction houses, plus the calendar of auctions, tradeshows, exhibitions, and other events.

Strings Notes

Strings Notes delivers tips to string players, including guidance on buying and caring for your instrument, career advice, and steps for improving your skills, as well as performance notes excerpts from our popular Strings Charts arrangements. When you subscribe, you'll also be among the first to be alerted to the best deals on subscriptions and gifts, and those items currently on sale in our new Strings store.

Strings Week

E-news so fresh it can't wait for the pages of Strings magazine, plus an indispensable calendar of coming events, including festivals, premieres, competitions, and conferences.

Meet thousands of string players of all ages and interests, all over the world, sharing their passion for string playing through blogs, chat, videos, photos, events, and more.

Strings Business Directory

Find all the essentials of string playing, from instrument dealers and violin shops to custom instrument and bow makers, from accessory and equipment manufacturers to publishers and record labels, plus suppliers to, and events for, the violin trade. Online all year, and in print in the July issue of Strings.

Strings Music School Directory

The exclusive searchable, in-depth guide to colleges, universities, and conservatories offering degrees in music and music education. Online all year, and in print in the August issue of Strings.

Strings Summer Study Guide

Explore and find summer camps, workshops, and continuing-education programs for string players, string teachers, and luthiers. Online all year, and in print in the April issue of Strings.

Strings Job Board

In cooperation with, a searchable directory just for performing arts professionals. Search jobs, post resumés, set up job alerts, apply online, and track submitted resumés.

Strings Scholarship

The annual Strings college scholarship is awarded to an eligible string-performance or music-education major.

Marin Community Music School

The community music school for students of all ages in Marin County, California, founded and operated by String Letter Publishing, publishers of Strings.

Strings Charts

Rock, roots, jazz, and many more styles arranged for string quartet, quintet, or orchestra. Easy-to-read scores and parts, with extensive performance notes.

For casuals, concerts, weddings, or clubs, audiences love the music in Strings Charts. These elegantly engraved editions, accompanied by helpful instruction and performance notes, offer artfully arranged interpretations of popular rock, jazz, and roots music, along with fresh new alternative-styles original compositions. Includes wonderful material for beginning and intermediate student ensembles.

Strings Books

Reference, how-to, advice, artist profiles, and more – for players, educators, and string music enthusiasts, including a special series of books just for teen musicians.

Strings Guides

Easy-to-download, in-depth video and text guides that help users become better string players, smarter shoppers, and more informed owners and players of stringed instruments and bows.


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